I am a Computer Systems Engineer/Architect with over 35 years experience in software development, MIS systems design & engineering, IT operations, and Infrastructure Architecture issues. I am versed in multiple programming languages, Operating Systems and RDBMS, and I can handle the hardware as well as the software. I have work experience ranging from microcomputers and PC’s to multiprocessor Midrange Unix Linux Solaris and VMS systems and clusters. I also have experience with both wireless and wired network protocols and mediums. I also have management experience on programming teams, network security teams and within systems operations departments.

In other words, I’m a High Tech Migrant worker who work’s with computers and puts out IT fires.

ED: The Sub-Title of this blog is derived from the Axiom ‘Without reliable Data, I’m only another Asshole with an Opinion‘ and I don’t want to be an Asshole.