My Computer Collection

This is what constitutes my previous computer collection.

As an update all my warehouse of systems is now in the custody of the or at

Commodore ‘PET’ Model 4032
SOL- 10
Apple II+ and here
Apricot F1
DEC Pro-350
PDP-8/M here and here
IMSAI 8080
Mac Plus and here
NeXT Station
Osborne 1
IBM PC Model 5150
TRS 80 Model 1
Commodore C 64
IMSAI 8080
Mac IIcx
PowerBook 170
PowerBook 250
Duo Dock
Newton Messagepad 100
Power Mac 5200 LC
20th Anniversary Mac
iBook (dual USB, 500Mhz)
iMac (800Mhz)