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On IT Operations

I had a friend and coworker define the nature of a properly working IT Operations department as, ‘Boring’ now to translate that, what he meant was that if Operations, systems and software were boring, then everything was working fine. It’s the natural state of affairs in an IT operations group.

If you find an IT department with their pants on fire, you know that things have hit the fan. Either the computer systems are broken, the security either physical or network has been compromised, or the software is buggy beyond comprehension. Exciting and thrilling, even career enhancing if you can fix and survive the fire and panic that happens in such environments.

So, in IT Operations, we strive to make life boring! Anything else is a disaster. 😉


With 40 years experience in software development, systems design and engineering and IT operations, and Infrastructure Architecture issues. I am versed in multiple programming languages, Operating Systems and RDBMS, I have work experience ranging from microcomputers and PC’s to multiprocessor mid range Unix systems and clusters. I have experience with both wireless and wired network protocols and mediums. And I've help migrate systems into the Amazon EC2 Cloud from self hosted configurations. I collect old working computers, I'm a published Astro-photographer, I tutor, and teach almost every subject I am knowledgeable in. I have had one internet email or another since 1991. I developed Gopher sites prior to the formation of HTTP/HTML and a few websites since then. I wrote my first 'database' on a DEC PDP-11 for the DECUS Library in 1984. Specialties I specialize in Database systems, and am familiar with almost all types of RDBMS and ISAM systems short of Mainframes. I habitually reverse engineer and document everything I touch.

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