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Larry Bugbee

I was informed a couple of days ago of the Death of my only true best friend. And you might ask why did someone else have to tell me that. And My only answer is that we don’t see or talk to each other all that often.

Me living in Ireland and Larry in Kent Washington (Seattle) IM and email are the only real practical methods. With the time difference we never managed Zoom or Skype. But he was always in my thoughts. We were best geeks you see and if you know what that means, you will understand.

Our live meeting were almost a catch up competition of who was doing what, with whatever new thing that was going on. More often than not we were on the same technology page.

Matters or life and death or even politics didn’t even rise to the level of mention. And were not missed. The future was bright, and we were immortal.

30 years we could call our friendship having been brought together on a project at Battelle’s Pacific Northwest National Lab. On a project that as far as I know continues to operate there, the NIB.

During that time, we operated often in separate areas and in different companies. But always connected in some way. Even our Dogs were best friends. Larry never did forgive me for teaching his Charlie to bark.

He will be missed my many, and I am among them. The world is a lesser place.

I was trying to imagine a funny joke, or a photo that would evoke the two of us, and stumbled upon this one. And it suites, even our self defined importance in the world.

I hope you enjoy it.

Bugs I’ll miss you.



With 40 years experience in software development, systems design and engineering and IT operations, and Infrastructure Architecture issues. I am versed in multiple programming languages, Operating Systems and RDBMS, I have work experience ranging from microcomputers and PC’s to multiprocessor mid range Unix systems and clusters. I have experience with both wireless and wired network protocols and mediums. And I've help migrate systems into the Amazon EC2 Cloud from self hosted configurations. I collect old working computers, I'm a published Astro-photographer, I tutor, and teach almost every subject I am knowledgeable in. I have had one internet email or another since 1991. I developed Gopher sites prior to the formation of HTTP/HTML and a few websites since then. I wrote my first 'database' on a DEC PDP-11 for the DECUS Library in 1984. Specialties I specialize in Database systems, and am familiar with almost all types of RDBMS and ISAM systems short of Mainframes. I habitually reverse engineer and document everything I touch.

2 thoughts on “Larry Bugbee

  1. Hello Randy.

    Today, November 11, would have been Larry’s birthday. I met Larry in the Late seventies (He mentored me in Software development and later I worked for him in Boise, Idaho).

    We had lost touch a decade or so ago and I thought to look him up to wish him happy birthday and found your posting. Larry was a great guy and a good friend to have.

    The world is reduced by his passing.

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